Have you ever had one of those impulses to just get out and capture something? That’s exactly what this evening was. I could see the sun was shining when I got home from work so kept an eye on how it was behaving up to the point where I just had to go and find some way to capture the sunset.

I randomly chose Ladybower after realising that some of the key places in the Peak District are actually all so close to each other. I’d also wanted to visit here for so long but had not really thought about it properly. IT wasn;t until someone I follow on Instagram put a photo up that was just incredible that it made me really want to go…and this evening was the time to do it! No excuses so off I went.

You can see from the video wast I thought about the place. It’s incredible. It was made better that it was so quiet, barely anyone else around and although I missed the main part of the sunset the blue hour that followed was delightfully gorgeous and well worth the wait.

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