I wanted to get outside to capture a bit of the winter snow that had fallen. The weather forecast had promised a break in the cloud so I’d hoped there may be a sunrise shot. There wasn’t.

The clouds were grey but patchy at 8:00am (sunrise due at 8:08am) and there was an orange band across the sky so I got my hopes up for a cracking blast of sun as it poked through the clouds but as soon as it had started the clouds swarmed together and covered up and hope of the shot I wanted.

So I continued on and set up to take a few shots of Ashover Rock. As I got the camera gear out I noticed a few flakes of snow falling through the air and then realised the light had become flat and grey as well. I liked how the colour of everything became quite flat, nothing popped out at me and at this point there wasn’t much snow settling.

I spent a while filming, looking for a good composition  but was aware the snow was getting heavier. I struggled to get my van up some of the roads and was worried that a layer of snow will make it even harder so I packed up and headed off to the safety of lower ground.

Ashover Rock, Derbyshire

Ashover Rock, Derbyshire

I do wish I could have stayed as I knew the area would look incredible with a good layer of snow but I had to put my safety first.

As I headed home I noticed a small river meandering through a field so parked up to take a look for a shot.

The best part of the river was fenced off with barbed wire so I followed the river down a little to see if I could find anything to shoot. I came across a little footbridge which I thought was very sweet and had potential.

I put my walking wellies to the water test and gingerly climbed down into the freezing river armed with my camera and tripod.

A river

A river

I fired off a few long exposures but was limited because as I took out my ND and polariser filters the still falling snow landed on them and I had nothing to wipe them with.

I then decided this place will be definitely one to go back to in the summer when the area is greener so packed up and went home to get warm. My timing couldn’t have been better, as soon as I got home the snow came down thick and fast and I would have been stuck if I had stayed out.