Took a trip out to see if there was a sunrise worth capturing at Winnats Pass in the Peak District.

It was a glorious morning with super clear skies but that’s not really that great for photography as sometimes you need clouds to give a bit of drama. It was beautifully calm sat on the edges of the rock faces. I could have stayed for hours.

So far, Winnats Pass is my favourite spot to visit. The landscape is other-worldly and photos I’d seen really don’t give a sense of scale, height or how steep this place is. Although nut suitable for general walkers due to there not really being a path (I’m sure the lines in the grass are carved by hundreds of photographers) to follow it’s certainly well worth taking the trip early one morning and waiting for the sun to break over the horizon.

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Sunrise at Winnats Pass

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A long exposure photo from Winnats Pass in the Peak District. This shot was taken just before the sun came over the horizon.