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Category : Sunrise

Photographing the sunrise from Winnats Pass in the Peak District

Took a trip out to see if there was a sunrise worth capturing at Winnats Pass in the Peak District. It was a glorious morning with super clear skies but that’s not really that great for photography as sometimes you need clouds to give a bit of drama. It was beautifully calm sat on the edges of the rock faces. I could have stayed for hours. So far, Winnats Pass is my favourite spot to visit. The landscape is other-worldly […]

Capturing the sunrise at Mam Tor in the Peak District

I took a poll to see if I should go out and try and get a repeat of my previous visit sunrise at Winnats Pass in the Peak District. I got up at 3am as it’s an hours drive to get there, loaded the van and set off. I was hoping for a cloud inversion but after reading the weather forecast I was not getting my hopes up. A nice quiet drive with the sky starting to glow brighter all […]