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Category : Landscapes

1 weekend and 2 sunrise trips

Two sunrises in as many days!! Sometimes you can never trust a weather app. Various apps were telling me that the clouds would be covering the sunrise…wrong!! I wanted to get out so much that I took a chance and I was rewarded kindly for my efforts even if it was only fleeting. There’s a noise problem with most of the video. My microphone has developed a pop sound with the wind even though i have a shield over it […]

A no landscape photography trip out

I decided today that I’d actually go out only armed with the Panasonic GH4 (OK, I snuck the Canon 35mm film camera in as well) and visit somewhere I’ve been before but never really took much notice of the area. Last time I went to Higger Tor was for a sunset. I’d got there a bit too late so was rushing to find a composition before the sun went down and I never really took the time to look around. […]

Photographing the sunrise from Winnats Pass in the Peak District

Took a trip out to see if there was a sunrise worth capturing at Winnats Pass in the Peak District. It was a glorious morning with super clear skies but that’s not really that great for photography as sometimes you need clouds to give a bit of drama. It was beautifully calm sat on the edges of the rock faces. I could have stayed for hours. So far, Winnats Pass is my favourite spot to visit. The landscape is other-worldly […]

The last of the light at Ladybower Reservoir

Have you ever had one of those impulses to just get out and capture something? That’s exactly what this evening was. I could see the sun was shining when I got home from work so kept an eye on how it was behaving up to the point where I just had to go and find some way to capture the sunset. I randomly chose Ladybower after realising that some of the key places in the Peak District are actually all […]

Capturing the sunrise at Mam Tor in the Peak District

I took a poll to see if I should go out and try and get a repeat of my previous visit sunrise at Winnats Pass in the Peak District. I got up at 3am as it’s an hours drive to get there, loaded the van and set off. I was hoping for a cloud inversion but after reading the weather forecast I was not getting my hopes up. A nice quiet drive with the sky starting to glow brighter all […]

Playing with light at Ashover Rock, Derbyshire

Ashover Rock at night

I fancied trying out some night time photography during this cold spell as the skies would be clear so I took  a trip to my trusty landscape spot, Ashover Rock, Derbyshire.

Ashover Rock, Derbyshire

A snowy walk to Ashover Rock, Derbyshire

I wanted to get outside to capture a bit of the winter snow that had fallen. The weather forecast had promised a break in the cloud so I’d hoped there may be a sunrise shot. There wasn’t. The clouds were grey but patchy at 8:00am (sunrise due at 8:08am) and there was an orange band across the sky so I got my hopes up for a cracking blast of sun as it poked through the clouds but as soon as […]

Hole in the cliffs at Flamborough Head

Hole in the cliffs at Flamborough Head

I took the family out yesterday for a little trip to Flamborough Head. I’d picked the place randomly on Google and thought it looked an interesting area to visit.

Porthtowan Sunset

Porthtowan sunset

Another post from my trip to Cornwall to get married. We’d had an amazing week. Very few words can describe how wonderful it was to share our special with close friends and family but on top of all this I was able to take some wonderful photos.