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Playing with light at Ashover Rock, Derbyshire
5th Feb 18

Ashover Rock at night

I fancied trying out some night time photography during this cold spell as the...
Ashover Rock, Derbyshire
26th Jan 18

A snowy walk to Ashover Rock, Derbyshire

I wanted to get outside to capture a bit of the winter snow that...
25th Aug 17

Landscape companion

Just a little update as I’ve not posted for a while. Things have just...
Hole in the cliffs at Flamborough Head
11th Jun 17

Hole in the cliffs at Flamborough Head

I took the family out yesterday for a little trip to Flamborough Head. I’d...
Porthtowan Sunset
8th Jun 17

Porthtowan sunset

Another post from my trip to Cornwall to get married. We’d had an amazing...
The lone surfer at Porthtowan, Cornwall
7th Jun 17

The lone surfer

During my week in Cornwall (to get married!) I was aiming to get some...