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2nd Jul 20

Ladybower Reservoir and Padley Gorge film photography

Yes I know, it’s beena very, very long time since I have added anything...
18th Feb 19

1 weekend and 2 sunrise trips

Two sunrises in as many days!! Sometimes you can never trust a weather app....
A day out at Higger Tor
19th Aug 18

A no landscape photography trip out

I decided today that I’d actually go out only armed with the Panasonic GH4...
9th Aug 18

Photographing the sunrise from Winnats Pass in the Peak District

Took a trip out to see if there was a sunrise worth capturing at...
6th Aug 18

The last of the light at Ladybower Reservoir

Have you ever had one of those impulses to just get out and capture...
1st Jul 18

Capturing the sunrise at Mam Tor in the Peak District

I took a poll to see if I should go out and try and...