I fancied trying out some night time photography during this cold spell as the skies would be clear so I took  a trip to my trusty landscape spot, Ashover Rock, Derbyshire.

Ashover Rock illuminated by a light wand

Ashover Rock illuminated by a light wand

I totally forgot that it was still a full moon so the stars were slightly hidden by the bright moon.

As soon as I got there the moon went behind a few clouds so the area was in total darkness. Luckily I had my head torch and the light wand to illuminate my way around.

So as it was so dark and the moon was hidden the whole area was so dark that I couldn’t take any photos. There was barely any ambient light even with a long exposure to make a photo. I set the camera to 30 second exposure, ISO 400 at f8.0 put it on a 10 second timer and got the light wand ready to go. Once I heard the click of the shutter opening I steadily walked along the path to light up the ground, plant life and the rock itself.

I played around with different strength of light coming from the light wand and how fast I walked along until I was happy. How I didn’t fall over I’ll never know! I was really liking the results I was getting and with very minor tweaks I was able to change how it looked. I also tried painting the area with a simple LED torch and this too also gave pleasing results.

I wanted to try longer exposures using the Bulb mode but discovered my tripod mount L bracket doesn’t allow the wired trigger to be fitted on the Canon 5 D mkII, something they changed on the mk IV is where you can plug this in.

The moon did eventually poke back from behind the clouds and light up the clouds on the horizon and gave me a bit of an ambient light to work with but by now I was getting cold, torch and wand batteries were staring to get low so felt it was time to pack up and go home (or at least get warm in the van).