I’d recently started watching a chap on Youtube called Thomas Heaton and after watching/binging on lots of this videos I noticed one where he said he was in Buxton. He then showed a photo from a place I eventually figured out was Mam Tor.

It isn’t just up the road but it still is local (1 hour drive) and I decided I’d go for it to try my luck and see if I can replicate Thomas’ photo in some way.

The drive over was wonderful. Bright blue skies and sunshine popping out between the clouds…until I got there. Then it became a monotone cloud cover with barely anything to give me texture in the sky. A mist then settled across all the hills and gave me a soup like viewpoint. I was gutted but I carried on.

I stood where Thomas had been in his video which was quite cool. When you know someone you have huge respect for was stood right there (albeit in a lot worse weather so I should consider myself lucky) and as I looked out I could see such a stunning view. Photography wise it wasn’t perfect but it’s just an amazing spot to be that I just absorbed the view and hoped the skies would break up which they didn’t but I actually didn’t mind too much really.

I was struggling to get a sense of scale of the whole area until I saw a train at the bottom of the valley smaller than a toothpick it then dawned on me that this place is vast. I then felt incredibly small and insignificant amongst this beautiful place.

I’d go back here again probably in winter would give better results with cooler air and I’ll get better landscapes.

I also realised that I’m ridiculously unfit. Climbing up to the top was a good test of my legs and lungs so I sense that I need to get into better shape.

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