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Graeme Simpson

I have spent over 15 years being an event and wedding photographer.

I’ve never had any formal training in photography, I just got thrown in at the deep end with a family wedding. I guess you could say I got the bug and I just wanted to do more and more.

I quickly outgrew my first camera and got my first “proper” camera, a Canon 350D (I still have it) and off I went trying to learn what all the different modes did and what on earth aperture was.

I loved it! I was useless but I loved it.

I then started to take more and more photos for where I work and eventually got a Canon 5D mkI and then my learning really went up to another level. Learning about product photography, massive events (inside Parliament buildings, celebrities and more) and then portrait work…all of this while teaching myself photography.

I never really took a camera out with me when going for a walk or away anywhere. I guess I felt I should have a rest between gigs. I realise now that this was wrong and have missed so many opportunities for some great photos.

This is going to change…

I’m taking any opportunity to try new techniques and give landscape photography a go…who knows where it could take me!


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